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Issue 8


“Ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere,” John Perry Barlow declared in 1996. “But it is not where bodies live.” America was getting online. Individuals could meet in chatrooms and flirt and fight without revealing what they looked like or how they sounded; they could race across vast bodies of land and sea and beyond—boosters said—the reach of governments. Even then, some critics had their doubts. In the new millennium, cyberspace merged with meatspace. Computers migrated from our desktops into our pockets and smarthomes and sex toys and medical implants.

This issue looks at how bodies and technologies cross one another. Which dreams of disembodiment are worth keeping? When must we insist that bodies matter?



The Editors

No one yet knows what a body can do.


Lifehacker: Tarek Loubani on 3D-Printing in Gaza

A conversation about innovation under extreme circumstances.

Loan In: Ann Larson and Orlando Del Aguila on Using Software to Organize Debtors

Every insurgency needs an infrastructure.

Toxicity is Never Consensual: Mary Maggic on Open Source Hormones

A conversation about sex, gender, and hormone hacking.

The Watchers: Interview with an Anonymous Security Operator

Whatever you think you got away with, it’s probably on tape.


What Not to Expect

Hesper Desloovere Dixon

Finding counsel and camaraderie in the forums.

The Crypto Family Farm

Gabriel Nicholas

Blockchain’s true believers don’t always get rich.

Do Electric Sheep Dream of Water Babies?

Sophie Lewis

An inquiry into the automated production of people.

Another Network is Possible

April Glaser

The lost world of Indymedia and a path not taken for the web.

Surviving Amazon

Sam Adler-Bell

An investigation into the infinite creativity of workers.


Woke AI Won’t Save Us

Ali Breland

Trying to make bad AI better could make it worse.

Eye Catching

Alex Lee

A story of borrowed sight.

Remote Work

Natalia Mehlman Petrzela

If the gym is the new church, what happens when the altar at which we worship is our own image?

The Body Shop

Paul Roquet

Remotely piloted robots might be the new low-wage labor force.

Mormon Mommies Will Never Die

Tamara Kneese, Benjamin Peters

What is Mormon transhumanism?


Face Cages

Zach Blas

A dramatization of the abstract violence of the biometric diagram.

First edition of Issue 8: Bodies released August 03, 2019.