Issue 17


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Home is so sad, it stays as it was left, a sad poet once wrote. But in the middle of a pandemic that has led many to turn their kitchens and couches into “home classrooms” and “offices,” and left many others unhoused, when online shopping is glutting global logistics and loved ones have been stranded for years across heavily surveilled borders, and as tech billionaire tourists blast into outer space, we know better. Home is as much a site of nostalgia as it is of constant change. As desperate parents ping with searches for domestic help, as Amazon intensifies its smart home spying equipment, as Zillow finds itself overleveraged trying to flip too many identical condos with cursive word signs that say things like RELAX, and as Evergrande threatens to blow up the global economy, this issue will explore how technologies make home, and vice versa.

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Home Cover

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