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Issue 9


We change our nature as we change our technologies, and our technologies change us. This is why every story about technology is also a story about nature. In any tool, the nature of the user entangles itself with the nature she shapes, and which in turn shapes her.

This issue explores these entanglements. Some are toxic, some are enriching, most are a bit of both or somewhere in between. Inevitably, the end of the world looms large. But there are also grounds for hope. At least, Donna Haraway thinks so.


The Last Man

The Editors

Even the rocks are not safe from us.


Oil is the New Data

Zero Cool

An eyewitness report from the front lines of a frightening new friendship.

From Manchester to Barcelona

Ben Tarnoff

A new synthesis for the post-techlash era.

In the Shadow of Big Blue

Ellyn Gaydos

The true cost of a microchip.

A Repair Manual for Spaceship Earth

Alyssa Battistoni

The story of Biosphere 2 and the prospects for planetary repair.


The Body Instrumental

Os Keyes

What happens when computers try to measure gender?

Seeing Carbon Through Silicon

Anne Pasek

What does Moore’s Law have to do with the climate apocalypse?

Tag Yourself

Sara Stoudt

The possibilities and pitfalls of apps for crowdsourcing environmental data.

What Green Costs

Thea Riofrancos

The dark side of clean energy.


A Giant Bumptious Litter: Donna Haraway on Truth, Technology, and Resisting Extinction

The established disorder of our present era is not necessary. It exists. But it’s not necessary.

Hack the Planet: Tega Brain on Leaks, Glitches, and Preposterous Futures

Art against optimization.

Water Is Life: Nick Estes on Indigenous Technologies

No decarbonization without decolonization.

Lab Cultures: An Interview with an Anonymous Biologist

In the war between bacteria and humans, not everyone is going to side with the humans.


Bioplastics Cookbook for Ritual Healing from Petrochemical Landscapes

Tiare Ribeaux

Rituals and strategies to reimagine our plastic landscapes.

First edition of Issue 9: Nature released December 07, 2019.