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The Making of the Tech Worker Movement

By Ben Tarnoff

In recent years, a wave of rank-and-file mobilization has swept the tech industry. Tech workers are engaging in collective action at a range of companies, around a range of issues. It is no exaggeration to say that a tech worker movement is taking shape.

Where did this movement come from? What are its principal dynamics, and how do they fit together? And why did a well-paid layer of white-collar professionals come to play so active a role in it?

These are a few of the questions explored in The Making of the Tech Worker Movement. This is a story about how a movement was made, and how it remade the people who participated in it, as they struggled to remake one of the most powerful industries in the world.

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The Making of the Tech Worker Movement

Ben Tarnoff

A long look at the mechanics of a movement.

Ben Tarnoff is a founding editor of Logic.

First edition of The Making of the Tech Worker Movement released May 04, 2020.