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Text reads: Stop Bombing Oromia. Make Injera Not War is linked at the bottom of the image:
Lighter purple text on darker purple background reads: make injera not war. Bottom contains link to, which raises awareness about the conflicts in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Make Injera Not War, a collective of diaspora women with Tigrayan roots, supports those directly affected by war and conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Image of a city on fire, with text that reads: HELP SUDAN NOW. 300 dead; 3000 wounded since April 15. 20 hospitals servicing 6 million people. Venmo @Sasharvard with the caption
To support Sudanese people during armed conflict concentrated around Khartoum and Darfur, venmo @sasharvard with the caption "SD CRISIS." All proceeds go to Sudanese American Physicians Association, Food Against Hunger Sudan, and Sudan Doctors Union – UK Branch. Help our contributor Petals out with her visa fees!

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