Issue 2 / Sex

July 01, 2017

Set Operations

There is a long tradition of personals in magazines we admire. With this in mind—and wanting, always, to serve Eros by increasing the amount of love and sex in the world—we put out a call for personals.

Here is what we got.

We suspect that many may be tongue-in-cheek. But we should not forget that making jokes is its own form of flirtation. Or that whether or not one intends to act on them, fantasies are real.

If you would like to link up with the author of one of these personals, please contact and we’ll make the connection.

SEEKING OXYTOCIN AGONIST. Are you the missing compound in my nootropic stack? Aspiring post-human seeks same for pre-post-upload companionship.

TECHNICAL COFOUNDER NEEDED FOR “HEART”-UP. Solo sapiosexual male seeks front-end engineer (woman) to add as a private collaborator on repository of love. Framework agnostic polyglots a huge plus. Monogamy is technical debt.

LONELY PACKET LOOKING FOR A PORT. Will you be my gateway? Looking for a 200, but 420 friendly.

LOOKING FOR A STUDY BUDDY TO DRILL ME as I prepare for coding interviews. Extra credit if your stack pops from both ends. I will balance your lopsided binary tree until you fizzbuzz all over my whiteboard.

FEMME FRONT END FOR PANSEXUAL CYBORG seeks console cowgirl for context-free play. Tattoos a plus.

LET’S DISMANTLE THE KYRIARCHY! Cis-passing AMAB, white, DevOps Dom & bacon fanatic. Working on unpacking my invisible knapsack. Strong ally & vocal on Twitter. Learning shibari, looking for sub/brat woke individuals on the femme side. Holding a ladle when you’re out of spoons.

LAST IN FIRST OUT. Front-end specialist looking for a tight back end. Let’s have a bit of push and pop on a stack of your choosing until we both overflow. Platform independent.

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