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Issue 18


Remember that one time Zuck said he’d rather host videos, and all those media startups fired their writers? Since then, “pivot” has become a byword for venture-backed BS. Yet, as the free money vanishes, and our economic-ecological-epidemiological-political crises do not, resisting the pivot to fascism will mean keeping faith with the possibility of change. We have always valued the tech industry’s respect for hard problems, and the openness to failure that comes with it. Now, failing better may require redefining what our most pressing problems are. It will require rethinking what tech is and who holds tech expertise.

This issue will mark a turning point for Logic itself, toward new editors, new voices—and hopefully, someday, new parties.


Two Step

The Editors

We hope you will hold on to what we have made.

Logic(s): The Next Chapter

J. Khadijah Abdurahman, Xiaowei R. Wang

The Logic founding manifesto, 2.0.


Ghost Ships

Miriam Posner

An inquiry into the datafication of global shipping.

Can Data Do Good?

Os Keyes

The history of trans people’s fight for healthcare holds lessons for what to do about data.

Through the Wire

Klaudia Jaźwińska, Matthew Sun, Sayash Kapoor, Mona Wang

The new world of remote work is changing the way that tech workers organize.

When We Were the Media

Todd Wolfson, Malav Kanuga

Indymedia was better than Twitter.


Retro - An Introduction

The Editors

Reflections on the occasion of the magazine transitioning from one era to the next.

Note from a Friend

Anna Wiener

The boundaries of the conversation are stretching

Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories

A conversation about shaping the words that fill the magazine.


How We Made this Physical Thing in Front of You, or on running a magazine that is one part DIY, one part agile.

Intergenerational Struggle Session

We don’t know what’s going on. We’re cheugy.

First edition of Issue 18: Pivot released December 21, 2022.