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We currently soliciting pitches for Issue 16 of Logic: CLOUDS.

Logic is a magazine about technology and society that publishes three times per year, in print and digital formats. We’re trying to ask the right questions about how technology works, and whom it works for.

We’re seeking reported articles, features, essays, and profiles that match our theme, Clouds. We pay $250 for shorter essays of 1200-1600 words, and $550 for longer features of 2000-4000 words and up.

Call for Pitches: CLOUDS (Spring 2022)

Clouds are fuzzy. They have shifting dimensions and indistinct edges. They are vague shapes, so they make for vague metaphors. Computing needs metaphors to make it legible: it is hard to describe what happens inside or between computers without them. The cloud symbol was used as early as 1970 in technical diagrams to represent telephone or computer networks. Today, the cloud has become the master metaphor for a global archipelago of warehouses that collectively coordinate most of the world’s computing power. This cloud is in turn implicated in other kinds of cloudiness—clouds of smoke (vaporware, wildfires), clouded thinking (boosterism, bourgeois idealism). This issue will explore tech’s many clouds and the interesting, hopeful, or destructive shapes they make in the literal or figurative sky.

Pitch window closes 11/8.

We’re trying something new this time – to send us a pitch, please fill out this form with your pitch and contact information: https://airtable.com/shrtQsrZYcfUKsyr2