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Issue 14


That is no country for old men. Silicon Valley is notorious for turning don’t trust anyone over thirty from a counterculture slogan into a business strategy, which can get awkward as its most famous boy geniuses start to go grey.

This issue examines the relationship between youth and technology. Relationships, plural, we should say. Because, as the cliché goes, it’s complicated. One of the first myths to dispel is that only one kind of connection is at stake. Kids can hard to see clearly; childhood is made to mean so much.


System Update

The Editors

We promise we’ll do better next time.


Youth of Today: Jasmine Sun, Jasmine Wang, Alan Luo on Coming of Age in Silicon Valley

A conversation about learning to speak the languages of Big Tech.

Being Sad on the Internet: Ysabel Gerrard on What Young People Do Online

How do you do, fellow kids?


Wealth Creators

Adrian Daub

An inquiry into intergenerational wealth in Silicon Valley.

Big Data Stream

Theodora Dryer

Who controls the algorithms that control the Colorado River?

Zoomers Versus the National Security State

Muira McCammon

Finding the Guantánamo that lives online.

Socialist Cyborgs

Victor Petrov

When Bulgaria tried to save communism with the kids.


Draw What You Think Alexa Looks Like

Melanie Hoff

Disembodied AI assistants get physical forms.


Gay in a TikTok Way

Lucas Gelfond, Anabelle Johnston

When identity gets optimized.

The Immune Sequence

Hannah Zeavin

On the dangers of chasing childhood purity.

We Don’t Need No Innovation

Phil Nichols

A fight over the meaning of “disruptive technologies” in schools.

First edition of Issue 14: Kids released September 30, 2021.