Logic(s) publishes biannual print and digital magazines in a mix of mediums and creative styles, including reported articles, features, graphic stories, poetry, speculative and science fiction, and visual essays. The mission of Logic(s) is to draw in voices and perspectives that remain outside, underexplored, and essential to thinking critically about technology from below. Read more about our programs:

Logic(s) Fellowship for Palestinian Journalists

THiCC x Logic(s) Liberatory Tech Fellows

Our Home:

It is housed within Columbia University’s INCITE institute. INCITE believes that to create knowledge for public action all forms of expertise and experience must be elevated. As such, INCITE supports and assembles researchers, students, artists, activists, and many others from outside the academy, to learn from and inspire one another through intellectual and creative encounters. Logic(s) is deeply aligned with this vision.

Logic(s) has complete editorial independence from its funders, including INCITE.

Our History:

Logic(s) was previously called Logic Magazine and for six years was part of the Logic Foundation which continues its work. Logic(s) retains the core commitments of the magazine’s founding while laying the groundwork to radically shift both the tech journalism genre and dominant publishing models.

Read more about this new chapter of Logic(s).

The Logic Foundation still has a school too!

Contact us at: logics[at]columbia[dot]edu