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Solidarity Forever

Maciej Cegłowski, Tech Solidarity Maciej Cegłowski, by Gretchen Röehrs Since the election, Maciej Cegłowski has emerged as one of the leaders of anti-Trump tech organizing. A »

Organizing the Valley

Maria Noel Fernandez, Silicon Valley Rising Maria Noel Fernandez, by Gretchen Röehrs Silicon Valley is a place of immense wealth—and punishing poverty. Long before Trump, »

A World to Win

Matt Schaefer and Kristen Sheets, Tech Workers Coalition Kristen Sheets and Matt Schaefer, by Gretchen Röehrs Over the past couple of years, the Tech Workers Coalition »

The Lean Resistance

Jason Putorti and Jen Aprahamian, Resistbot Jason Putorti and Jen Aprahamian, by Gretchen Röehrs Resistbot is a free SMS chatbot that translates text messages into physical »

It Can Happen Here

Valerie Aurora and Ka-Ping Yee, Never Again pledge Valerie Aurora and Ka-Ping Yee, by Gretchen Röehrs On December 13, 2016, the day before Silicon Valley’s »