A 6-post collection

Model Metropolis

by Kevin T. BakerBehind one of the most iconic computer games of all time is a theory of how cities die—one that has proven dangerously »

Roleplay, Interplay, Powerplay

A series of eerily prescient ads that walk the line between play and labor by Jemuel Datiles, Laura Dempsey, Jamie L. Ferguson, Valdis Silins »

Mainframe, Interrupted

Joan Greenbaum on the Early Days of Tech Worker OrganizingJoan Greenbuam at the NYSUT Health and Safety Conference in 2013.In 1969, a collective called Computer »

The Antisocial Network

by Liz PellyFacebook claims to bring people closer together. In fact, it’s helping derail and destroy some of the few remaining places that actually do. »

Dropping Acid

by Shuja HaiderIn the 1980s, musicians in Chicago built a new genre out of obsolete machinery. Listeners lost their minds.A Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Photograph by »