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Nothing Ventured

by Nick SerpeSilicon Valley wants to revitalize the Rust Belt with venture capital. The story of venture suggests we shouldn’t hold our breath. An advertisement »

RadioShack Sucks

by Colin Muller Once upon a time, people talked shit about corporations on websites they ran themselves. A still from a Super Bowl commercial by RadioShack, »

The Automation Charade

by Astra Taylor The rise of the robots has been greatly exaggerated. Whose interests does that serve? An image from a Hoover catalog in the 1920s. »

The Problem with Facebook Is Facebook

Siva Vaidhyanathan on Antisocial Media Mark Zuckerberg speaks during commencement exercises at Harvard University. Photo by Nancy Lane. Siva Vaidhyanathan is the Robertson Professor of Media »

How To Kill Your Tech Industry

by Marie Hicks In World War II, Britain invented the electronic computer. By the 1970s, its computing industry had collapsed—thanks to a labor shortage produced »