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White Code, Black Faces

by Ali Breland Cops around the country increasingly rely on facial recognition software. But white engineers are the ones writing it—and they’re embedding their »

Extreme Programming

A Conversation with Chris Schuhmacher on Coding in Prison Chris Schuhmacher in class at San Quentin. Courtesy of Last Mile Radio. The Last Mile is a »

The World Is A Prison

by Kendra Albert and Maggie Delano Electronic monitoring is supposed to keep people out of jail. But it’s actually making the criminal justice system more »

Cartographers Without Borders

by Clayton Aldern Indigenous communities are building drones to make their own maps—and using them to fight erasure and exploitation at the hands of the »

Hacking the Carceral State

by Stephen Phillips A new coalition of neoliberal reformers sees tablets as a tool for ending mass incarceration. But using technology to shrink the carceral state »