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What Are You Wearing?

by Dominic Pettman The internet is notoriously good at supplying porn for a wide variety of fetishes. But why is it so bad at providing the »


A Conversation About Polyamory and Technology In recent years, polyamory has seen a surge of mainstream interest. Is this new public fascination driven by technology? How »

Algorithmic Arrangements

An interview with Tom Quisel, former CTO of OkCupid Tom Quisel, data scientist and ex-CTO of OkCupid. OkCupid is a free dating site that takes an »

Bad Romance

by Marta Figlerowicz Men used to worry about getting replaced by robots. Now they’re afraid of getting dumped by them. Pinball cabinets Pin-bot and Bride »

Your Vibrator Is a Spy

by Cameron Glover Sextech is a rising industry with a major privacy problem. Smart sex toys might provide new tools for pleasure—and they might subject »