Call for Pitches: Issues 2 & 3

We are soliciting pitches for upcoming issues of Logic.

Logic is a quarterly magazine about technology and society. We're trying to ask the right questions about how technology works, and whom it works for. Learn more about the magazine, and read our manifesto, at

We’re seeking reported articles, features, essays, and profiles. We pay $150 for shorter essays of 1000-1200 words, and $400 for longer features of 2000-3000 words and up.

Issue 2: Sex

Our Sex issue will explore technology and sexuality. How are people using new tools to fulfill, expand, or transform their sexuality? Is technology liberating users to pursue their true desires? Creating new pleasures, pressures? What even is sex?

Pieces might look at technology's intersections with the following subjects:

  • sex work
  • dating and courtship
  • reproductive rights and labor
  • pornography and masturbation
  • gender fluidity and nonconformity
  • sexual harassment and assault

Please send pitches to by December 15 December 30 with the subject line "Pitch: Sex Issue."

Issue 3: Justice

Our Justice issue will look at how technology impacts, and is impacted by, the idea and the practice of justice. How do the criminal justice system and the security state use technology? How can technologies shape issues of social, environmental, and racial justice? How do different communities access technology? How might we more justly distribute its awards?

Pieces might examine technology's interactions with the following subjects:

  • predictive policing and algorithmic sentencing
  • incarceration
  • social services
  • climate change and ecology
  • race
  • meritocracy and fairness
  • automation of legal work and robot lawyers

Please send pitches to by February 15 June 1 with the subject line "Pitch: Justice Issue."