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Crypto with Chinese Characteristics

Eric Meltzer on The New New ThingA Bitcoin mining rig.Eric Meltzer is a Peking University dropout and a founding partner at Primitive Ventures, an Asian »

Paper Animals

Ken Liu on Writing and Translating Science FictionKen Liu.Ken Liu is a lawyer, programmer, science fiction translator, and author. In 2012, his short story "The »

Bullet Time

by Christina XuHow do you make a social feature for an antisocial generation? A screenshot of "bullet comments" in action. These bullet comments are translations of »

Code Red

by the EditorsVisualization by Celine Nguyen. 1.The Chinese internet is coming for you. Or so we often hear. “China’s internal internet repression is world-famous, »

The Messy Truth About Social Credit

by Shazeda AhmedForeign media has painted a dystopian portrait of China’s social credit system. The reality is both less coherent and more complex.A screenshot »