Call for Pitches: Issue 4

We are soliciting pitches for an upcoming issue of Logic.

Logic is a magazine about technology and society that publishes three times per year. We're trying to ask the right questions about how technology works, and whom it works for. Learn more about the magazine, and read our manifesto, at

We’re seeking reported articles, features, essays, and profiles. We pay $150 for shorter essays of 1000-1200 words, and $400 for longer features of 2000-3000 words and up.

Issue 4: Scale

Our Scale issue will investigate how technology scales up and down—and the forces that drive it to do so.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the secret to the tech economy is scale: ever smaller, more powerful computers mean that ever larger numbers of people can use the digital products whose use enriches Silicon Valley's most successful companies. At least, the logic of venture capital says so: anyone who has worked at a startup knows the pressure to create an MVP that can scale up, fast—but too fast and you may be left with nothing at all.

From "Ethernet" to "the cloud," networking metaphors sustain a fantasy that data is immaterial. Yet our likes and shares and lurks burn through megawatts of power each day at vast servers from Santa Clara to Singapore, creating a perfectly targeted long-tail economy where each of us can be our own demographic of one.

The internet is at once tiny and vast, impersonal and intimate. What else hovers over the entire atmosphere and is also the first thing you grope for when you wake up in the morning? What else runs under the Pacific Ocean that you also take with you into the toilet?

Pieces might examine technology's interactions with the following subjects:

  • urbanisms and suburbanisms
  • digital infrastructure
  • true stories of web scale
  • globalization
  • outer space
  • nano-things
  • global villages
  • VC funding
  • personalized medicine
  • tiny viral animals
  • massively multiplayer online ad-revenue generation

Please send pitches to by Sunday, October 1st with the subject line "Pitch: Scale Issue."